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10 tips for seamlessly moving your company to a new location

Things to consider when moving your company

Moving to a new city can be risky for anyone but even more so if you are moving your entire company. Companies are constantly faced with decisions on where to relocate. A common misconception is that this is always a simple decision, however, there are many factors involved in the decision-making process. Staff morale and company image are usually of primary concern when determining the viability of a move.

Here are 10 tips for moving your company to a new location:

1. Start planning early:

The process of office relocation cannot be delayed until the last minute. Once your company has decided to move, start planning early and divide each task into smaller steps to make it more manageable. Ask for help when you need it.

2. Involve your IT team:

Plan with your company’s IT team to make sure that they have enough time to prepare for your business relocation. They may also want to see the new office location in advance to ensure compatibility and make necessary changes to the equipment.

If you have equipment that you no longer use, avoid the temptation of moving them with you. This will reduce the cost of your business relocation and will save you some time and effort.

3. Get quotations and compare them:

It is best practice to get an in-person estimate from at least three different moving companies. Find what’s included in every quotation and what you have to pay in addition. Sometimes the highest price tends to be the most cost-saving. it all depends on your corporate relocation needs. Get a free quote here

4. Protect your data:

When you’re moving your company, it’s possible that you lose your files or damage your hardware and servers. That’s why you should backup all your data even if you are hiring professional corporate movers.

5. Don’t move your office without full insurance:

Even if it’s in the same street, problems rise everywhere. You never know what could happen. Especially if you are very busy with your business relocation. The best movers always offer full value insurance on all your office furniture and equipment to stay on the safe side.

6. Hire a professional corporate relocation company:

Not every mover can be a business mover. They have to handle the files, archives, computers and cables, furniture, and much much more. That’s why we always recommend that you hire only certified movers with proven previous work in corporate relocation.

Professional business movers have the knowledge, expertise, and resources needed to make your corporate relocation process seamless. They provide packing and unpacking services to ensure your office items and furniture are safely moved.

7. Deep clean your office:

Don’t move with items you don’t need. Encourage your employees to be responsible for their own workspace and remove unnecessary files and papers before you move.

8. Consider mid-week office moving:

If you are relocating your office try to schedule your move for the middle of the week. This way you will get help from your workers without compromising their weekend. it also gives you enough time to get ready back to work before the next Monday.

9. Consider mid-month office moving:

Most businesses tend to be busier during the beginning and the end of the month. Also, it will be hard for your employees to help you with your office relocation because they will be overworked. For a smoother corporate relocation, we recommend moving on the second or the third week of the month.

10. Consider off-season moving:

If you have flexible dates, try relocating your business between October and April. Moving companies are less busy during these months so you can get some kind of discount for your business relocation.

As a final tip, update your address everywhere. We know that’s obvious.

Let all your customers and suppliers know where you have moved your business. You can even benefit from the power of social media to announce your move and promote your new address.

Corporate relocation is not an easy job where you can hire just anybody to do it for you. That’s why corporations hire professional packers and movers to move their office furniture and equipment. If you follow these office relocation tips you will be able to relocate your business smoothly without all the stress.

Consider downloading our PDF guide for additional info about corporate relocation. click here.

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