When it comes to long-distance moving, there are many things to take into consideration. You will need to consider how to get your belongings across the ocean, what your living arrangements will be like when you get there, and what kind of financial planning you’ll need before you go.

Many people struggle with the idea of saving money while they move abroad because they don’t know where to start or what steps should be taken in order to save their money while moving.

Here are 6 tips to save some extra dollars on long-distance moving:

1. Try moving off-season:

In the peak season, all the international movers are busy and fully booked. In general, it’s cheaper for you to move in low months (from September to April) you could negotiate an additional discount with your mover too. As a tip, always do good research before you choose your international mover.

packing for long-distance moving

2. Downsize your belongings before long-distance moving:

Make a clear review of what is important and what isn’t. See what items you won’t use in your new home, and what items are cheaper to buy there. Then consider selling those unwanted items to get extra cash, or even consider donating them (you will be saving on shipping costs).

3. Ask your mover to share container:

After you have completely downsized your belongings, you could possibly use less than a whole container. If you are flexible on the delivery date, then you could ask your moving company to share a container with others to split the expenses.

4. Make a financial plan:

This could possibly be the hardest part of the whole moving process. Everybody hates planning, especially when it comes to money. The sad truth is, you will always spend all that you have if you are not making a budget.
After you do your research about the expenses, make a budget and stick to it, avoid spending unnecessary money. Trust me you will find it hard at the beginning, but you will thank me later.

5. Get the best exchange rates:

Consider online money exchange because it will save you some bucks on your exchange.

6. Get to know your fees at your new home:

Do your research on the expenses of living: electricity bills, telephone, internet, taxes, and so on. Sometimes if you change your living from one street to another could save you some money.

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