DIY packing: Essential tools and supplies

make sure you have these tools before you start packing

Many people find themselves in the frustrating position of moving and feeling like they don’t know what to do next. They may be overwhelmed with all of their possessions and unsure about what they need to pack or how to prepare for a move.
An important part of any move is packing up your things and figuring out how to transport them.
If you are planning to hire a professional mover, than you can skip all of this. But if you are willing to DIY, then checkout the following list of essential packing materials you should prepare to help you get started.

1. Boxes of all sizes:

You will need small boxes, medium boxes, and large boxes. Make sure to invest in quality boxes to keep your items safe from start to end.
Always pack heavy items in individual boxes to make it easier for you to pick them up.

2. Specialty boxes:

Like wardrobe boxes, dish pack boxes, special boxes for fragile items (double layers).

3. Wooden crates:

You may need one or two wooden crates. There are different sizes and types of wooden crates, some of them are fire resistant. Depending on the items and the distance you are moving your items you can choose which one is suitable for you.

4. Bags:

Suitcases, mattress bag, sealable bags, vacuum bags, and of course large trash bags.

5. Other important packing materials:

You will also need bubble wraps, plastic wrap, paper wraps, packing papers, furniture pads, and even foam cushioning.

6. Other essential items:

You will need plenty of quality packing tapes, and a tape dispenser. Ropes and straps for furniture and large items.
Permanent markers and labels, additional tip: you should label every single box and write what’s included in it. Try using different color labels for each room, and use fragile label for delicate items.
And of course you will need basic tools such as scissors, box cutters, utility knife, screwdriver, measuring tape, saw, cordless drill, and an assortment of nails, screws, hooks, wire, plus goggles and work gloves for safety.
In conclusion, packing and moving is a stressful process. If you have the time and the expertise you can DIY and save the money.
Or you can hire a professional moving company to handle the job for you. Since they know what they are doing and they offer a full insurance on all your items, you can focus on your job and let the hassle of packing and moving for a well-trained team.