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Searching for the right movers and packers in Lebanon could be a stressful thing. You can only make it simple if you are willing to spend some quality time planning ahead and trying to find one of the movers in Lebanon that suites your needs. After all, you are trusting people you don’t know on all your furniture and all your memorable items. You need to make your research so you are sure to hire professional movers and packers.

10 Tips on hiring movers and packers

1. Start early:

It is recommended to start your research on relocation companies at least 6 weeks before your moving day so you have plenty of time to compare the moving companies and the estimates. If a moving company is available at the last minute, it’s probably for a reason.

2. Read lots of reviews:

Look for online reviews about the moving companies, ask friends for recommendations.

3. Always seek specialized and well-trained movers:

Anyone can take put your items in a truck and move them… Well, this is not what we call relocation services. Usually, relocation companies offer professional moving and packing services. They have a well-trained team, and even a special team for your specialty items (i.e. piano movers, pool tables, gym equipment…)

4. Make sure your professional packers and movers are licensed and fully insured:

Whether it’s a local mover or international mover, always ask for their license number before you trust them on your house. Also, make sure they are fully insured, and ask what’s included in the insurance policy in case things went wrong.

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5. Check the physical address of your moving company before you sign the agreement:

And make sure the moving company address is listed and registered under the company name.

6. Get your estimates:

After you have shortlisted your preferred relocation companies in the steps mentioned earlier, it is time to start asking for price estimations. Most packers and movers can give you a free quote, we would recommend you getting on-site estimates from at least three relocation companies so you could have sufficient choices.

7. Ask about what’s included:

Is it full-service relocation? Do you have to pack and unpack yourself? Will they provide boxes and other supplies? Ask as many detailed questions as possible. As a rule of thumb, if the price of a mover is much lower than other relocation companies, you should pay attention to extra hidden charges.

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8. Balance between quality and price:

Cheap movers aren’t good and good movers aren’t cheap… always remember this before selecting your mover. Try asking for a special discount from your mover if possible without compromising on quality (especially packing materials).

9. Check out their previous work:

Do your investigations on social media and google before making your last decision. If possible, ask your mover for some photos of previous work and pay attention to the details.

10. Finally, trust your gut:

If the mover has passed all the testing you did, it’s time for you to follow your gut feeling. Is the move manager friendly or rude? What about the packers and movers? And other employees?

Now after you have a winner in the 10 steps test, you can make sure you have chosen the best relocation company as long as you do your due diligence and trust your gut.

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