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International vehicle shipping is a tricky process that requires careful consideration. While international car shipping can be expensive, it may be worth it in some cases when you need to get your car back home from abroad. There are many aspects to consider when transporting your vehicle overseas.

 Follow these tips to make the international vehicle shipping process smoother:

international vehicle shipping

1. Choose a reliable international vehicle shipping company:

Take your time to find the right vehicle mover for you. Moving a vehicle overseas isn’t an easy process, and it can’t be done just by any mover. Ask your mover about their previous work, the insurance policy… Try making a balance between price and quality of work, and remember that sometimes cheaper prices are way more expensive.
If you are not sure where to start, consider reading our blog post on how to choose the right mover.

2. Prepare your documents:

You will need to prepare in advance the following documents before the international shipping process: Vehicle registration information, insurance policy, original vehicle title, and of course your ID or passport.
Note that it’s difficult to ship a financed vehicle and requires your bank’s approval.

3. Get your vehicle ready for the shipment:

Remove all extra accessories: ski and bike racks, storage boxes, retractable antennas…
Your mover should tell you exactly what you can keep and what you should move before the shipment.

4. Wash your car from inside and outside and check for damage:

It will help you to see existing damage and rust before the move. Make a tour around the car and document every scratch, bump, or rust in the body (take photos or videos with clear dates and times) and let your mover have a look at them.

5. Remove your personal items:

Personal documents, sunglasses, GPS devices, and so on…
Additional things to make before shipping your vehicle:
Empty your fuel tank, check tires pressure, fix any mechanical problem, note your mileage, and check the fluids and battery charge.

As a final tip, ask your mover if they offer local pick-up service from the destination country or you have to be there before the arrival date.

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