I-Movers Relocation Services

Corporate Relocation

Regardless of whether you are moving your office locally or across borders, time is of the essence. Every moment spent moving is a moment you are not making money. Our aim is to make your move as cost efficiently as possible.

Different from other furniture shipping companies, we achieve this by an in depth analysis of your office. With no detail too minute, from keeping filing systems intact to disassembling and reassembling computer systems, we will develop a technical plan that will utilize our resources and experience to cater to your needs in the most efficient way possible.

A certified move manager will be dedicated to your needs.  Our team will not only arrange all the logistics of the move but also give you personalized advice. This advice includes how to prepare for the moving day on a practical level and  navigate some often overlooked aspects of office politics.

Office Moving Solutions

With this in depth knowledge we’ve established our core principle. Prevention is better than a cure, and it drives our ethos of transparency and customer satisfaction. Furniture movers in Lebanon usually do not use this method. So, you can rest assured we will anticipate every need to make your move as hassle free and efficient as possible.

To get in contact with a move manager to discuss your needs, you can request a free quote here. You can also read below more about vital screening questions to consider when deciding if the lowest price is actually the cheapest for corporate relocations in Beirut.

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