The absolute best corporate relocation services in Lebanon

Making your business relocation unbelievably smooth… Professional packers and movers providing the best office furniture moving services… Without all the hassle

Did you ever know that most business relocations end up in total chaos?

As crazy as it sounds, it’s completely true! And that sad reality can make things extremely difficult for those of us trying to provide professional work.
With tons of items to be moved, it’s nearly impossible to relocate your office without losing some of your papers…

Because of that, some companies prefer to stay in their old and small office (where everything has been organized through the years) rather than relocating to a better office and risking losing some or all their data.

So, how exactly do you relocate your office if you ever needed to?

How do you pack and move thousands of papers and files, archives, computers and servers, networking systems and cables, and heavy office furniture without losing anything?
How do you keep track of everything?
How do you put every item in its original place? What if it wasn’t a local move but an international move?

Well, this work cannot be done easily by anyone, unless you are a certified international mover with years of experience and professional training like we are…
In other words, the only way of moving your office furniture without all the pain is by hiring professional movers and packers, which only a few exist in Lebanon.

Not every mover can be a business mover

Of course, everyone would say he can do it… but only a few can prove their work for you, and only a few can guarantee the end results.

Why I-movers is your best choice when you decide to relocate your business?

  • We work like nobody else:
  • Our team of professional packers and movers will take care of every little detail in your office. Starting from the survey, to the planning phase, and the packing and moving phase… you will have a dedicated certified move manager assigned to do the job for you and ready to answer all your questions.
  •  We let you know everything before we start:
  • Everybody including us loves surprises, but not when we are moving your company. We believe that transparency is the best way to gain customers’ trust and loyalty. Before we make any move we make sure that you are well informed about every point in the contract, and that everything is crystal-clear to you. No hidden fees, No surprises, everything is pre-agreed on.
  • We insure everything:
  • We can’t afford the risk of you losing any of your items (for reasons out of our will) that’s why before we move your items, we insure everything.
corporate relocation

Bottom line...

Corporate relocation is not an easy job where you can hire anybody to do it for you

That’s why corporations hire professional packers and movers to do the work for them.
I-movers have everything you need to make your local and international business relocation as successful as it can be.

Still in doubt?
You can get in touch with us and we will be pleased to show you our work and answer all your questions.