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Diplomatic Moves

Safe, Secure, and confidential

Diplomatic moves in Beirut have the characteristics of both international and corporate moves. Yet, they come with their own special set of  regulations, from the relevant paperwork to tamper evident resources and everything in between. We have the knowledge and  needful resources to protect the diplomatic immunity of your shipment.

Customer confidentiality is one of our foundational principles. All our staff members have signed non-disclosure privacy agreements. This is from the moment you reach out. The continuous  process is covered  not only in office, but on site as well. What adds value to your move is the fact that I-Movers teams are experts not only in moving but on the complete supply chain. You can rely on our team for any special requests.

Why Choose Us?

Whether you are a diplomat or on a NGO mission, we have sorted out language barriers. Our move managers speak your language. With I-Movers you can move not only your personal, but your diplomatic licensed vehicle. Make sure when selecting your service provider that they have already been involved in the in diplomatic moving. It is quite a different industry. Although it is similar to several moves when it comes to working on site, but the main focus is on documentation. A lot of governmental approvals should be secured ahead of moving date to avoid the time wasting nuisance.  We respect deadlines and understand the complete segments within its operations.

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Our Commitment

 We are committed to providing a fully transparent and documented service for diplomatic moves in Beirut. Yet, understand the necessity of protecting the security of diplomatic moves. To achieve this balance, we have detailed our services for international moves here and our suitability to corporate moves here, and you can contact us for a free and confidential quote regarding your specific diplomatic needs.