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Fine Arts & Exhibitions

Providing Fine arts moving and packing services you can truly rely on

When it comes to fine arts & exhibitions handling, it is important to choose your moving company wisely. Lack of knowledge, experience, and resources can result in improper handling and possible irreparable damage to irreplaceable pieces. Knowing this makes us truly appreciate the gravity of moving artwork; because, even while being fully covered by insurance policies, we understand that damaged artifacts cannot be requited by monetary compensation. A lot of art pieces have sentimental value to the owner in addition to the thousands hours of hard work.

This is why we take the time to fully train our employees in the nuances of handling artwork and the principle that prevention is better than a cure. We then ensure they are fully equipped with all the equipment necessary to carry out their training on how to prevent damage to the artwork they handle. Whether it’s the basic and mandatory freshly laundered white gloves to prevent fingerprint marks or the custom made crates and padding that seal and secure the artwork perfectly during the move, we specialize in providing the equipment to meet your needs.

We move your art work locally or internationally

Furthermore, whether the move is local or international, for a private collection or an art show, we have the necessary knowledge and experience to make the move as stress free and efficient as possible. This starts from the very beginning of your contact with us, where a dedicated move manager will ask you all the relevant questions to determine your needs and anticipate any specialized requirements, and continues throughout the process where they will be available to guide and advise you throughout each step of the tailored move.

You can read more about our credentials and how the process generally unfolds below or reach out for your free quote

50 Paintings in an art fair

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