I-Movers Relocation Services

Local Moves

Whether it’s just up the road or on the other side of the country, local moves come with their own special set of needs that need to be considered. This is why our tailored services are ideal.

From the moment you request a free quote, we allocate a certified move manager to ask you the right questions and determine your exact needs and how to best meet them.

But it doesn’t stop here. Your dedicated move manager will be available every step of the way  to guide you in every way possible.

Local Moving Process, Moving and storage services
After we have laid out all your options through the quote, our tailored process begins with a site visit to determine which of our specialized packing material and techniques would best protect your items. From fragile items that need customized protective packaging to outside elevators for larger items, we have the resources to meet your needs.
With our commitment to saving you as much time and trouble as possible, you can rely on our team to anticipate your every need: from scheduling concerns, to what to consider when choosing a moving company, to tips about planning your move, to our premium services designed with your convenience in mind.

You can download all this information and more in the document below that details all our services and how you can expect the local move process to unfold.

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