Storage Services

Storage in Beirut with I-Movers comes at ease.

We offer a variety of secure storage services which are briefly outlined below. You do not need to worry anymore about your goods as they are kept safely in our facilities. Because of that, we provide our clients with several options that they can choose from depending on their needs and requirements. Storage is not only about keeping your items in once place, but the importance lays on their easy access.

Our warehouses are treated on monthly bases to make sure that items are kept in the same condition we received them. A lot of furniture conditions deteriorate with time due to humidity and unfavorable warehouse conditions. Our customizable solutions are available assist you with your requirements. These include, but are not limited to, special packaging supplies, packing services, transportation services, insurance, and the needful  fumigation.

What Do We Store?

Our main market segment when it comes to warehousing is household goods and personal effects. Along with the personal segments, we are available to store the following:

The Tailored Warehousing Experience

We pride ourselves with providing a tailored experience to guarantee customer satisfaction. You can contact us to discuss your specific needs and talk more about storage in Beirut.

We believe in complete transparency, high quality, and peace of mind. Adding to the above, the customer should make an informed resolution when deciding on services needed and the service provider for his needs. So when you reach out, we will happily use our knowledge and experience to advise you on what factors to consider when weighing your options and determining if any of our services suit your needs.

Household Storage Solutions

Vault Storage

A wooden fumigated vault that is ideal for temporary/long term storage.

Pallet Storage

Items are shrink wrapped and stored. Best used for commercial goods, and temporary storage.

Self Storage

An onsite storage space with 24/7 surveillance. This is ideal for long/short term storage.