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Vehicle Shipping

Vehicle shipping services in Beirut requires special equipment and processes. I-Movers offer insurance, registration, and assistance in the needful customs paperwork. Our dedicated team handles any kind of vehicle, starting from a small scooter, super car, to a large truck or boat. Normally, at any shipping company, the sales representative will request for vehicle specifications.

On the other hand at I-Movers, we believe that not all customers are experts nor they have the time to arrange any detailed search.

 As for clients who find interest to know  more about their vehicles, we advise them to visit the following link.

Vehicle Shipping Audi R8 side photo with lights on

Are you in a rush to leave the country?

Where will your vehicle will stay? We got you covered. Our towing service is available to pickup your vehicle from your door. All you need is sign the necessary paper work,  and to deliver it up to our warehouse. This will be done with an insured service which covers any damages that may incur during the transportation process.

This is why we offer comprehensive and fully five star tailored vehicle shipping services in Beirut. From the moment you reach out to us for a free quote, a move manager will be dedicated to your move to determine your unique requirements. With a commitment to making your move as stress free and efficient as possible they will advise you on our step by step process, which includes supplying all necessary paperwork, guidance and tips on how to prepare your vehicle, and of course the skills of our fully trained and experienced employees.

You can read more about our credentials and how the process generally unfolds here or reach out for your free quote below

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