DIY moving tips to protect your home

9 Important Steps to Protect Your Stairs on Moving Day

Moving is a hassle. There are endless tasks to be done, and the actual process may go on for a full day. With that being said, there are ways to make the move easier. It all starts with careful preparation before moving day.
Knowing how to keep your stairs safe from damage on your moving day is crucial. If you are DIY moving and packing, we recommend that you follow the steps listed in this article to protect your stairs and floor from damage.

1- Measure the dimensions of heavy furniture:

First things first, you should measure the big furniture that is will go down through the stairs. If the furniture is too wide to pass through the stairs or the door don’t worry, contact a professional moving company and they will find a solution for you.

2- Wrap your furniture with a cardboard or plastic wrapper

To protect both the furniture and the stairs and walls from any potential damage.

3- Use strong moving boxes


and make sure your boxes won’t break when lifting them.

4- Cover the stairs:

There are plenty of options to protect your stairs. You can use old blankets or carpets to protect the stairs. Or you can use plastic film, cardboard, paper products, or even you can use vinyl film.

5- Use carpet masking:

If you have carpets on your stairs you can use special carpet masking to protect them from damage during the moving process.

6- Don’t forget to protect the floor too:

Use floor runners to protect the floor from scratches and any potential damage.

7- Use a rubber-wheel dolly to prevent any scratches on the floor

8- Protect your doors and walls:

wrap door handles with towels or paper. Cover door sides and necessary walls with strong cardboard.

9- Hire professional movers:

As you can see, moving is a hassle. And we didn’t mention the unpacking process yet. If you have the expertise and time you can DIY, but this won’t save big on your moving expenses. Or you can hire a professional moving company and they will take care of everything for you.