I-Movers Relocation Services

Are you worried about your next move? Below are some moving tips that might be out of interest. If you have any further inquiries  feel free to contact us. Our candidates will be at your disposal.

Decide ahead of time exactly what you want to take and what you will leave behind.

This will ease the survey and packing process on the moving day.

Do not pack yourself unless for certain personal effects. Leave it to I-MOVERS

You may pack non-valuable or non-fragile items yourself, but your mover will not accept any liability for damages in cartons that have been packed by the owner.

The packing team will arrive on the set date and time.

The foreman will accompany you through the apartment so that you can pin-pint what needs to be packed, and mention anything of high value or fragile

Every country has its own rules and regulations when it comes to shipping and documentation.

To avail the stress, our move managers will assist you in the required set of documents and how to pertain them.

Prohibited Items:

All kinds of firearms, weapons, flammables, drugs, live animals or plants, alcohol and pornographic materials.

Make a final round before the packers leave.

Go through the apartment and make sure that nothing is left behind

Storage Solutions Facts

Vault storage Services at a warehouse

Vault storage or what we call it as a lift-van is the ideal solution to store your goods.  The standard size is around 7ft x4ft x7ft with a  total volume of 5.67m3. This wooden fumigated crate is suitable for temporary and long term storage. It could last for over 10 years if kept in good conditions.

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