Packing and moving hacks

These hacks can turn your moving hassle into a cakewalk.

Getting into a new house, having a new place that you can term as “Home” and a fresh location is really something that excites every one of us but, as everything has a positive and negative side, moving your heavy and bulky luggage is actually a nightmare in this sweet dream. 

None of the owners wants his /her goods to get damaged during the haulage and therefore, they consider an agency of packers who charge a decent amount for packing, loading, and transportation. 

But what if you haven’t got that much of bucks to pay or you don’t want to hire them? 

Then here are some quick hacks that can enhance your experience of shifting and are really worth a try. 

packing and moving hacks

5 packing and moving hacks:

1 – Take pictures:

Now, this may sound a bit weird but actually, it is not. You must have faced many difficulties while assembling appliances with complicated wiring, for instance, Computers, home theatres, etc. 

So, a good solution to this problem is to click a clear picture of wiring and other necessary components.

2 – Use towels and linens:

This hack helps anyone in two ways; firstly, you will be able to protect your fragile good from being broken, and secondly, no extra place would be required for towels and linens. 

Simply place the plates vertically in a carton with towels or linen between them. This way the probability of shattering plates would be minimum.

3 – Engrave handles:

We all know while moving cartons, especially the heavy ones, it is quite difficult to have a good grip, and also there are no handles on them.

So the best hack that one can adopt in this case is to make the handle. Just cut two triangles on the carton’s opposite side, and then you are good to go.

4 – Altering your first-day cutlery:

A micro but a helpful hack. Try to use disposable cups, plates, and other dishes in order to avoid digging for utensils. Moving things to your new place is already a hectic job and no one would love to add more hassle to this process. 

So, opt for disposable cutlery on your first day in your new house. 

5 – Use hangers:

Many often the cartons that we are using for transportation are not that stiff. This may happen due to the content inside it or due to the age of the carton. Hangers can be used to tackle such circumstances. 

Just place the hangers diagonally (or in any other position, totally depending on the situation) inside the carton above the goods. 

So, these were some amazing packing and moving hacks to make your move a piece of cake. You would be able to move your stuff like a professional and more importantly without any damage. Be sure to give it a try.