I-Movers Relocation Services

Office relocation is a process that requires organization, diligence, and patience. It is important to manage your time wisely to move from one office building to another without any issue.
To make your office relocation a success, you need to have a well-planned strategy in place. Here are some crucial steps to take to prepare for the process:

3 months before the office relocation:

1. Choose a business mover:

You should start searching for the right packers and movers 3+ months before your moving date to have plenty of time to select the right mover. (read our article on how to select the right packer and mover here)

2. Set a moving budget:

Setting a budget will help you in selecting the movers that fit your budget. As a professional tip try not to compromise quality over price because it will cost you more than you could imagine.

3. Meet your new building manager:

and talk about details (your moving date, the best hours to move…)

4. Create a floor plan for your new office:

And see what furniture fits in and what should be sold before you move.

5. Make a list of who should be informed of your new address:

Ministry of finance, municipality office, post office, your suppliers, clients, lawyers…

6. Order new business cards with your new address.

2 months before the move:

1. Coordinate with the IT team on the moving date.

2. Make 3 lists for your furniture:

List A: what should be moved.
List B: what should be sold.
List C: what should be donated or recycled.

3. Order any needed furniture for your new office.

2 – 5 weeks before the move:

1. Discuss all the details with your selected mover:

Including the moving date and time, the insurance coverage, moving of special equipment and furniture…

2. Select a cleaning company:

to clean your new office after you move in and to clean your old office too.

3. Arrange a meeting with all your employees:

And discuss all details related to the moving date with them and their roles in the moving process (if required).

4. Begin packing non-essentials.
5. Backup your computers and servers.

Moving week (or day):

1. Make sure to inform all team members about their responsibilities during the move.
2. Contact your mover to confirm the moving date and hour.
3. Contact your IT supervisor to confirm the moving date.
4. Collect old keys from your employees and give them to your old building manager.

In conclusion, office relocation is a lengthy process that requires careful planning. However, if you follow the steps outlined in this article, you will be able to successfully move your office without any major disruptions.

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