The ultimate guide to living in Dubai

Living in Dubai is great. It is one of the most expensive and popular cities in the United Arab Emirates(UAE). Being the capital city, it is known for its luxurious life, shopping, and marvelous architecture which have always attracted the tourists and residents of other countries. 

Apart from the rich culture and high standards of living, Dubai also holds the record of having the most five-star hotels in the world and the tallest skyscraper Burj Khalifa. 

The city is also known to be the hub of commerce and trade for western Asia and consequently, has the most facilitated and smoothest transport of both freight and cargo. 

According to many reports, Dubai has 15% of residents who are natives while 85% are migrants from other countries. Thus, it is quite clear that this capital city attracts huge masses. 

If you are someone who is looking forward to living in this city of gold then read this guide to living in Dubai. here we share some tips that can surely lead you to a successful life in Dubai. 

The guide to living in Dubai: top 10 tips to make your life in Dubai easier

1- Hectic lifestyle:

The word “Dubai” itself represents a place full of joy and life. As already mentioned, this city serves as an important hub for business and trade. To be an efficient trade center, it is really important to maintain proper operation which is done by the residents of the city. Moreover, a large number of tourists visit Dubai every year hence, again a busy schedule for the people residing in Dubai.

2- Get familiar with Arabic

Although there are more migrants than the natives, you will not hear much Arabic. Most of the population are English speakers and are not well versed in Arabic. But still, being a resident of an Arabic country you should know some prominent phrases that are common in day-to-day communication.

It does not only make the communication smoother but also makes you blend in with the culture and the vibe of the place. 

guide to living in Dubai

3- Always adhere to the laws

Dubai may seem a very fancy and frank country at once but it is not. The city has strict police that maintains the decorum of the area. A reason for strict management and criminal law is that the place is visited by millions of people annually and no country would like to have an unhealthy impression on the travelers.

4- Get a habit of construction work

The city of gold is always under construction. Being rich in infrastructure and architectural monuments, it requires a large number of labor, machine, and resources to maintain them. 

One has to get in a habit of seeing massive cranes and fully loaded concrete trucks at every turn on the road. Dubai’s skyscrapers are one of the most attractive places for tourists and Dubai’s tourism never disappoints you when it comes to building high sky-touching skyscrapers. 

5- Be ready to face the heat

Dubai being a desert city have a high temperature, especially during summers. The mercury sometimes even rises to40 Celsius and gives a complete feeling of being inside an oven. 

The city is quite developed in terms of coping with the heat. An air-conditioned atmosphere is not an uncommon thing in this hot city. Buses, cabs, offices, shopping malls, and even bus stops are equipped with air conditioners.

6- Master driving

Public transport in this city does not have a dense network. There are only two metro lines. Due to this, one cannot depend on public transport and have to get their vehicles. 

Every family in Dubai almost owns 3 cars thus, long traffic jams are quite obvious on the roads. 

So, get better at driving and strategic planning of the routes to get a smooth commute.

7- Get used to order online

If you have trust issues and cannot always rely on online shopping and home deliveries then residents of Dubai can see you with a weird eye. In a developed capital like Dubai, everything that you can think of can be delivered to your doorstep. No matter whether it is footwear, clothes, groceries, food items, snacks, electronics, or stationery,  almost everything is delivered on the same day.

8- Eating in Public during Ramadan is prohibited

Now, this is a serious one. Ramadan is a very celebrated festival that is observed by the Muslim community. During this festival, all Muslims tend to fast and do not eat for a month. In such a situation, eating in public while most of the city is fasting seems like a sign of disrespect. 

9- Learn to get dressed properly

If you think you are always overdressed on every occasion, you must visit Dubai. In this city, everyone took their dressing sense as a serious reflection of their personality, and hence, they wear clean clothes, tidy footwear, and are always perfumed with a good odor, while pieces of jewelry are always there to complement their wealth. 

10 - Learn to make friends from all around the globe

Being attracted to Dubai, there are more migrants than the local Emiratis. People from all around the world get settled here to enjoy pleasing facilities like cheap fuel, quality gold, beaches, and high-paying jobs. 

One should be able to make friends from different communities with varying cultures as ethnicity is not a barrier in Dubai.

In a nutshell, if you want to live a happy life in Dubai, you may have to tweak some of your daily habits. On the other hand, there are also some weird rules in the city like showing affection and intimate love being banned in public places. Also, unlike any other beach, one has to wait for winter to hit the beaches. As in summer, it may give you burn rather than tans. 

So, this guide to living in Dubai can surely help you to live in this city of culture, gold, and skyscrapers.