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The only checklist you will need to prepare for your international move

3 - 6 months before the move:

1. Visit your future home:

If possible, make an in-person visit to your new location. Check the area, the neighborhood. Take notes about critical things that you should consider before you move in. To make things better try asking a local guide about some tips regarding your new location.

2. Decide whether to sell, rent, or keep your current home:

If you are moving permanently it is a good idea to sell or rent your home. You will get extra cash flow which is much needed during your first months abroad.
As an additional tip, consider storing or selling some of your belongings instead of shipping everything with you.

3. Get free quotes from international moving companies:

Start doing your research to find the best international mover for you. For extra tips on key things to consider when searching for an international moving company, read our full guide on how to choose the right packers and movers.

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4. Gather all important documents:

Including new passport, accepted visa, or work permit, birth certificates, driver’s license, university degrees…

5. Book your trip:

Contact the airlines and book your ticket early. You may also need a car rental service, or taxi for airport pickup.

1 - 2 months before your home relocation:

6. Know your tax requirements and regulations:

Do good research on this topic, you may even need to consult an accountant in some situations to see if you have to pay taxes in your current and new country.

7. Notify your bank about your new address:

If you are planning to keep your current debit/credit cards you should update your bank with your new location and contact info and check if they have an overseas branch.

8. Cancel insurance policies:

If your insurance policies have international coverage you may keep them.

9. Check if your appliances will work in the new country:

Some countries have 110 volts of electricity and others 220 volts. Make sure that your new country has the same voltage. If not, you may want to sell them and save shipping costs.

10. Sell the things that you won’t take with you:

You will need every single dollar when moving abroad, so make sure every item you take with you will be useful. Believe me, you don’t want to pay shipping costs on things you won’t use in your new country.

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2 - 4 weeks before you move:

11. Confirm the details with your international mover:

Confirm the packing date, tell them what you need to be packed and what should be left…

12. Buy things that are cheaper in your current country, or you can’t find in your new location.

13. Pay any unsettled bills

and stop subscriptions that you won’t use in your current home (internet, telephone, …)

14. Buy some cash in the foreign currency to spend during the first 7 – 10 days.

15. Spend more time with friends and family members

and let them know about your new address and contact info to stay in touch.

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