What a customer needs to know about international moving


We at I‐Movers are committed to making your relocation as easy and stress-free as possible. We strongly believe that your peace of mind lies in making an informed decision. But we also  recognize that the research involved in getting the relevant and necessary information is time  consuming.

So, with our commitment to you in mind, we have put this document together  highlighting all the information you should consider when choosing a service provider and  detailing all the services we offer and how our international moves typically unfold.   


Are you licensed?

We are licensed under number 1103 .

Are you insured?

We are fully insured. We explain in further detail about our insurance policies and what we do  in the event that things go wrong in the insurance section below.

Do you provide binding agreements?

Before moving day, we provide a written binding agreement that will be signed by both parties. It will not only outline the full payable amount so that you won’t be surprised with any extra charges at a later date.

It also details the full terms of the agreement from our obligations to  you, what is expected from you to help us meet those obligations, what happens in the event one of us cannot fulfill an obligation, our insurance policy, and, of course, payment terms.


Is it convenient?

The standard practice in the industry is to refuse to give even so much as an estimate without  visiting the moving site. Others will forgo this step and ask a series of extensive questions to get the most detailed understanding possible of what items are being moved. Both of these are not  only time consuming but inconvenient as they have to be scheduled within business hours. We have found a happy medium.

To accommodate your schedule, we can offer the options of an online quote or a virtual survey, 24/7, at your own convenience. For an approximate quote  you can fill out the online form, and send videos or pictures of what you have to move.

It is fast  and convenient, with the average form taking only 4 minutes to complete, and also an efficient  time saver since you are actually killing two birds with one stone as any move requires you to  document your items before the move for insurance purposes.

For a detailed pricing you can  schedule a virtual survey, where a move manager will join you at the moving site via an online video meeting to give a precise quote.  

What information should the movers ask?

In addition to what is being moved we need to know the addresses for the moving and  destination sites (including floor level if relevant) and your scheduling expectations for both. All of these factors play an important role in the total cost, so be wary of companies that provide blanket prices without knowing these details.  

What happens after i submit the quote?

We will allocate a dedicated move manager to your case who will help you through every step  of the process. Using the information, you provided your move manager will write up an inventory list and  outline the prices and schedules of all the relevant transportation options (air, sea, land) along with which of our services suits your needs.

Your move manager will schedule a site visit to make sure no items were overlooked during the  quote and to determine whether any extra equipment or special handling is needed.

The move manager will discuss all our services and contract terms with you, from deadlines to  deposits and cancellation policies and payment methods, and our respective obligations.

After establishing your needs, a tailor‐made contract will be sent to you detailing all of the above and  more

What services do we offer?

The core structure of our services includes packing, transportation, insurance and customs paperwork guidance, customs clearance, delivery and unpacking. We will outline these services in further detail below.

Packing  At the basic level packing includes the supply of all necessary labor and standard industry size  and quality cardboard boxes and pallets, along with standard padding and protection material. The need for any additional packing services will be determined and discussed with you as well  as any extra charges they may incur.

These may include possible extra labor services needed to  meet very tight deadlines, specialized packing materials, or extra equipment. Before we begin to pack, part of our services includes researching the current customs  regulations and any restricted items they’ve listed.

We will provide you with this information so  you are aw are of any items that will not be packed. We will also provide you with the necessary  customs and insurance forms you will need to complete.


After packing, your items will then be sent to the shipping company to transported to your  destination country. We will then provide you with a tracking number so you can check on the  progress of the shipment using the link on our website.

Customs Clearance

Once your items arrive, we will deal with customs clearance and transportation to the  destination site. We will remain in close contact with you during this time to clarify scheduling  expectations.   


After unloading your items at the destination site, we will unpack them for you. There are 3 levels of unpacking available. Basic, semi, full. The basic is at no extra cost, while the semi and full incur extra charges.

Basic Level

The basic unpacking includes reassembling everything that was disassembled at the moving site  and unwrapping all items that are not in boxes or containers. These items, along with the boxes  and containers are placed in their relevant areas or rooms.

This last point is a seemingly small  detail, but it is an important one for you to clarify, because some companies simply gather all the boxes and containers in one central area with no system, creating extra work and  frustration for you as you unpack. Once done with the unpacking, our crew will remove all empty packing materials from the destination site at the same delivery day.

Intermediate Level

The intermediate unpacking includes everything in the basic package, plus unpacking the items in a  number of  selected boxes and containers that you would like access to on arrival day. For  example, if you’re relocating your home, this may include anything from bedding and linen, kitchenware, bathroom accessories, or television, computer, and gaming systems.


The full unpacking involves everything in the basic package plus unpacking everything in all  boxes and containers.

During every stage, your move manager will be available to help and guide you through the process and to answer any questions you may have.  

Extra services

You may need the services of a handyman for fixtures such as shelves and chandeliers and to  hang wall paintings. You may also need to assemble new furniture. No matter what your  specific and specialized needs may be, your move manager will help identify them and accommodate them as best as possible.  

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What is expected of me prior the move?

As mentioned above, we will provide you with all the necessary insurance and customs paperwork that will need to be completed before moving day.

 A few days before moving day we will also provide you with some cardboard boxes and padding  material for any sensitive personal belongings you would prefer to pack yourself. We will supply tape to seal the boxes and labels that say “private”. You will also need to sign a disclaimer  stating that the boxes contain no prohibited items.

Company policies vary, but with us there is  no extra charge for items packed by owner, no limit to the number of boxes, and they are fully covered by insurance.  

We ask that you please put aside any items you want to remain with you and that should not be  packed by our crew, such as passports and clothes. We have compiled a list of possible items  you may want to keep with you on our tips page.    

Furthermore, we also ask that you please confer with building management regarding reserving  the elevators and a parking space on moving day.  

Finally, to help us meet the deadline we ask that you please meet us at the moving site at the  scheduled time with the agreed deposit. Whether or not you choose to be there the whole day  is up to you, and it is something your move manager will discuss with you.

These are the necessities to help us complete our job, we have a separate checklist of tips that  might make planning the move easier for you. We cover aspects to consider prior to moving day, from how to avoid unwanted items making the move to the destination site to reminders  about possible logistics to arrange such as childcare and pet sitting, to vacating the property after moving day, from shutting off utilities to redirecting your mail. 


 We try our absolute best to make your experience with us as smooth as possible, and we take  the necessary precautions every step along the way, from being highly selective with who we hire and the companies we deal with, all to honor the trust you have placed in us.

But with that trust comes honesty, and an unfortunate truth of the world is that sometimes human error and unforeseen circumstances such as major weather events can turn the best laid plans awry.    

This is why we are fully insured: whether the problem is damaged or stolen items, we have an  insurance policy that addresses the matter.

This being said, your move manager will be monitoring your move closely and be in direct  contact with you to communicate any scheduling amendments that may need to be made from  either end. You can also track your shipment from the link on our website. We have found that  most of the inconvenience and costs of unforeseen scheduling issues are mitigated by our transparent approach and open lines of communication.    

We hope this document has helped you gain a better understanding of what you can expect from us and how much we value our customers and pride ourselves in their satisfaction.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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